About Engruna

The eatery opened in October 2013 and offers gourmet burgers, a selection of local craft beer and wines, and milkshakes.

Our burgers are hearty and flavoursome and we’ve also kept the herbivores and gluten-intolerant in mind – after all, they should be allowed to enjoy a burger too.

Much like Bonnie & Clyde, some things are just better paired. What would a scrumptious burger be without something cold and refreshing to accompany it? Just not cricket…that’s what. Look to our selection of vino and the coolest craft beers around to quench that thirst or opt for one of our signature milkshakes.

And the name?…Engruna means ‘crumbs’ in Spanish and signifies the only thing that you’ll find on your plate after your meal…


Get food delivered to your door via one of our delivery partners.

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